Google Certified Partner for PPC management

What is PPC?

PPC also known as Pay Per Click Advertising, refers to ads that are paid for in the search engine results pages (SERPs). PPC ads are generally found at the top and bottom of the search engine results page. Most ppc ads will have a small notation stating that it is an ad or sponsored. PPC ads are also found on social media sites, many blogs, and news websites.

Pay per click services at Wade Creative Network, will make sure that your ads are not only generating traffic, but that it is well targeted traffic to your website or landing pages.

ROI-Focused Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Whether you need pay per click management for new ppc campaigns with google or bing, or if you need help optimizing your existing paid search campaigns, Wade Creative Network knows how to analyze the metrics and has the resources to do whatever it takes get the right traffic to you.
Many times when optimizing your paid search campaigns it takes more than just adjusting bids or keywords. Sometimes, on page changes are necessary to get your conversion rate up.

One of the many benefits of working with Wade Creative Network is that we not only will you have our Paid Search experts working to make your ad campaigns successful, but you will also have design and web development experts available to implement any necessary changes.

What is included in PPC Management Service?

Initial Research

  • Account Audit
    If you have an existing account, we will review it and build out your new campaigns from here.
  • Industry & Competitor Research
    We have the tools and expertise to see where your competitors have done well (and not so well) and use this information to help build your campaigns.

Campaign Build – Optimize – Grow

  • New Ad Campaign Setup
    If you do not already have an account set up (Adwords or Bing Ads for example), we will get everything set up for you. We will then create individual ad campaigns as necessary based on your products or service offerings.
  • Keyword Research
    By now we will have already uncovered many valuable keywords during the initial competitor research. Now, our analysts will dive in to find additional valuable keywords and phrases to increase your search visibility.
  • Keyword Match Type
    Match types help control which searches will trigger your ads. The broader the match, the more traffic potential a keyword has. While the narrower the match, there is perhaps less traffic potential but that traffic can be more relevant. Our Certified PPC Experts ensure proper match types are used to provide the best traffic.
  • Negative Keywords
    Negative Keywords ensure you don’t pay for terms that are not relevant to your products or services. When we build your campaigns, we will start with a list we compile through our research and continually optimize this list to ensure your budget is properly focused to improve your ROI.
  • Ad Creation & Testing
    Our Certified Experts will create winning ads and continually test new versions to improve performance, click-through, and conversion rates.
  • Ongoing Keyword Expansion
    Just as we continually optimize your negative keyword list, we are constantly working to grow your list of quality keywords, further increasing your visibility.
  • Ongoing Bid/Budget Optimization
    Our expert PPC analysts and strategists will make sure your campaigns are operating at their full potential and keep budgets and bids focused where you will get the most benefit.
  • Multiple Ad Types
    Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile and In-App Ads, Product Listing / Google Shopping, Social Media Advertising (All Platforms), Remarketing. Our expert marketers work with you to build the best possible strategy for your business.
  • Campaign Growth
    As we build your campaigns and improve your ROI, we will work with you to scale your campaigns and really show you what we can do for you. We are ready to grow with you!

Tracking & Reporting

  • Tracking Code Installation
    We will make sure all required tracking codes have been properly installed and tested on your website before launching your campaigns.
  • Custom Reporting Dashboard
    We provide a custom built reporting dashboard that pulls in all of your important marketing data and displays it in a way that is easily communicated and shared on-demand. Our expert dashboard team will work with you to create a reporting platform that makes sense for you and your company.
  • Google Analytics
    Our Certified Google Analytics Experts will make sure everything has been properly set up for you.
  • Conversion Tracking
    We track all important events on your website such as form submissions, account creation, signups, product purchases, downloads, etc…
  • Phone Call Tracking
    We have the ability to display phone numbers in your ads, as well as track calls that come from visitors to your website.
  • Regular Performance Meetings
    When you choose Wade Creative Network as your PPC Management Agency, you will have regular contact with a dedicated strategist that will keep you updated on everything related to your campaigns. There will be regular monthly calls to discuss in detail all campaigns and performance. Additionally, we will provide weekly status updates and have on-demand access to your custom built performance dashboard which displays data in real-time.

Reasons to do Pay Per Click Ads

  • New website that wants immediate targeted traffic
  • Business does not want to wait for organic traffic results – SEO can be a more long term commitment for results
  • Your competitors are doing paid search ads
  • Your marketing budget only allows for PPC or SEO but not both – PPC will generate more traffic faster and in turn you will be able to analyze the needs of your customers much quicker
  • Seasonal, temporary, or special sales, that need immediate traffic and attention

Pay Per Click Management Process

  1. Your company’s goals and expectations are the first area of our focus
  2. We will then start our research of your competitors, your keywords, your current ppc strategy (if one is available) and look at ways to optimize your pages.
  3. We will put together a comprehensive strategy that we believe will be the best way to reach your goals.
  4. We build ads or make necessary adjustments to your current ads and start running the campaigns. We will continue to monitor budgets, bids, and keywords, fine tuning each to make sure you are getting the best ROI.
  5. Each month you will receive comprehensive reporting and we will schedule a phone meeting in order to go over all of the data and what it means to you and our strategy moving forward in the following month.

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